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ContinuumHR is your personal Human Resources support team. We assist you with employee handbooks, job descriptions, records management, supervisory training and conflict resolution, plus a reliable source to get answers to employee-related questions from HR professionals.

At ContinuumHR, we know that having access to a dedicated,comprehensive Human Resources Management team is an invaluable tool, saving you time and revenue potential.

Time is money.

ContinuumHR is your professional outsourcing partner, offering a fully integrated HR solution.

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Let Us Show You How Simple HR Management Can Be!
  • Employee Handbooks

  • Supervisor Training

  • Drug Testing

  • Criminal Background Investigations

  • Job Descriptions

  • Disciplinary Practices

  • Hiring and Terminations

  • Unemployment Claims Processing

  • I-9 Compliance

  • Human Resource Consultation


  • Record Keeping

  • FLSA

  • Federal and State Employment Law

  • ADR