Minimize Employer Risk

Peace of Mind That Hits A High Note With Business Owners

Now more than ever, a company must be aware of the risks inherent in being an employer. Liability continues to grow, and with it, instances of employee litigation. With the help of ContinuumHR, you’re well equipped to minimize the impact of these risks.

the complexity of state and federal regulations is increasingly challenging to business owners everywhere. ContinuumHR clients have a team of full-time human resources professionals working by their side to assist with recruiting and hiring, managing daily employee challenges with employment laws and regulations.

By ensuring compliance with regulations and maintaining good employment practices, ContinuumHR reduces your risk, enabling your business to run smoothly-without road blocks.

With ContinuumHR You Get

  • 1. Pre-employment screening and employee performance review tools

  • 2. Job descriptions, including exempt vs. non-exempt compliance support

  • 3. Employee handbooks

  • 4. Employment-related policies and procedures

  • 5. Compliance support for employment laws and regulations

  • 6. FMLA, ADA, EEOC FLSA, Title VII and COBRA compliance support

  • 7. Wage and Hour compliance

  • 8. Drug-Free Workplace programs

  • 9. Safety programs and incentives

  • 10. Unemployment case management

  • 11. Workers’ compensation insurance claims management

  • 12. Legal and policy updates

  • 13. Federal and state labor posters and forms