When It Pays To Have Choices

Quality employee benefits can make the difference when attracting and retaining top-tier employees in a saturated employment marketplace.
Employee Benefit Plans – ContinuumHR offers access to a variety of quality employee benefit plans that are typically below market rates. You will have instant access to Group, Dental, Vision, Life, Short and Long Term Disability, a 401(k) Plan and many other valuable benefits that will attract top-quality human talent.Program Management – Furthermore, we’ll manage all of your programs, including Employee and Employer Deductions, Invoice Reconciliation, Premium Payment, COBRA and Carrier Administration, thus making employee benefits seamless and more manageable.

Using an online enrollment and aggregation platform, we will design a benefit offering for you and your employees that’s easy to manage and seamless to implement and execute. Our specialized and trained staff will communicate direct with your employees to assist them in wading through the complexities of healthcare options. By empowering your employees to make educated and informed decisions about their families healthcare, they gain a greater appreciation for the benefits you provide as the employer.


Help your employees bridge the gap with our voluntary life insurance portfolio, where you can help your employees get the financial protection they need for their stage in life without hurting your organization’s bottom line.

ContinuumHR offers a multiple employer plan with an “OPEN ARCHITECTURE PLATFORM” providing access to diverse investment options from hundreds of different mutual funds and investment managers. By joining our multiple employer plan, you’ll retain your ability to tailor your plan to suit your company’s investment needs.

  • Employer and Employee Contributions

  • Premium Tracking and Arrearage

  • Invoice Reconciliation and Payment


  • On-Line Enrollment

  • Client and Employee Self Service Reporting

  • Superior Investment Menu

  • Fiduciary Liability Relief

  • Customized Plan Design

  • Complete Account Services

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How Does The ContinuumHR Multiple Employer Plan Work?

A multiple employer plan is a qualified retirement savings plan that is sponsored by ContinuumHR. Clients join the plan as adopting employers. As an adopting employer of a multiple employer plan, you can realize all of the benefits of an individual plan, without the cost and liability associated with having your own plan.

As the PEO and plan sponsor, we take care of the:

  • Plan Document(s)

  • Annual Audit

  • Annual Government Filing

As an adopting employer, you will have real time access to your company’s plan information and for your employees to manage their account.