Programs That Strike A Chord With Owners & Employees

Protect Your Greatest Asset with Employee Benefit Plans

Depending on your industry, payroll as a percentage of revenue may be as high as 47.62%. A growing portion of payroll is coming in the form of employee benefits, especially health insurance plans.

Benefits administration is a time consuming and challenging task for most companies. ContinuumHR staffs benefits specialists to help you manage your benefit plans on a daily basis, providing administration and compliance services. In addition, ContinuumHR offers Fortune 500-quality benefit programs to our PEO service clients.

With ContinuumHR You Get

  • 1. Full time staff without the full time cost

  • 2. 24/7 access to benefit information through customized We Portals

  • 3. Professional advisors to maximize your performance/cost ratio

  • 4. Reduction or elimination of costly overhead

  • 5. Reduction of risk associated with managing benefit plans in-house

  • 6. Extended options and cost control for employee benefits

PEO Benefits

  • 1. Group Dental Insurance

  • 2. Term Life and AD/D Insurance

  • 3. Short Term and Long-Term Disability

  • 4. Group Vision Insurance

  • 5. Employee emergency travel plan

  • 6. 401(k) retirement plans

  • 7. Pre-tax savings plans

Professional Benefit Administrative Options

  • 1. Benefit plan development

  • 2. Benefit eligibility tracking and enrollment

  • 3. COBRA administration

  • 4. Pre-tax savings plans

  • 5. 401(k) retirement plans