Solutions That Set The Tone For Success

ContinuumHR offers its clients a state-of-the-art human resources Web Portal designed to enhance our personal service, not replace it. Convenient access from any computer enables employers to manage their business more effectively, and without a large capital outlay for technology.

ContinuumHR clients can take advantage of integrated online human resources functions any time of day or night, including payroll entry, benefits eligibility, HR policies and forms, and customized reports. Worksite employees also enjoy 24/7 access to personal data such as benefit information and payroll history.

Simply put, ContinuumHR’s technology gives its clients access to the information they need, whenever they need it.

Integrated HR functionality

ContinuumHR’s client and employee Web Portals provide integrated HR functionality including:

  • 1. Payroll

    • Direct payroll data entry and submission
    • Pay rate, job title, address, deduction and benefit changes
    • Vacation reporting and tracking
  • 2. Benefits

    • Benefit eligibility tracking
    • Benefit enrollment
    • Benefit information
  • 3. HR Management

    • Access to policies and standard forms
    • Performance review tracking
    • Job-required certification or license tracking
    • Employee communication
  • 4. Reporting

    • Customized cost of labor reports
    • Payroll period reports by employee, department or job
    • Per payroll, monthly, quarterly or annual reports, overtime costs, turnover rates, birthday listing, anniversary dates, address listing, etc.
  • 5. Employee Self-Service

    • View and print paychecks
    • Review compensation reports
    • Update personal contact information
    • Access standard employment forms