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Experienced Human Resource Professionals

Solutions Setting The Tone For Success

Simply put, ContinuumHR’s technology gives its clients access to the information they need, whenever they need it.

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Employee Services

Maximize Your Investment In Human Capital

ContinuumHR gives you the tools you need to build and maintain a quality workforce, increase productivity and reduce employer-related risk.

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Employee Team In Tune

The Key To Keeping Your Team In Tune

ContinuumHR provides customized solutions that can reduce your burden and liability, while complimenting your business strategy.

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Risk Management

Minimize Employer Risk

By ensuring compliance with regulations and maintaining good employment practices, ContinuumHR reduces your risk, enabling your business to run smoothly-without road blocks.

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Employee Assets

Protect Your Greatest Asset

With Employment Benefit Plans. Depending on your industry, payroll as a percentage of revenue may be as high as 47.62%. A growing portion of payroll is coming in the form of employee benefits, especially health insurance plans.

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Balance Work Life

A+ Customer Service

We put you, the customer first. Offering our client’s
integrated web based options accessible
from any computer day or night.




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Welcome to ContinuumHR. We provide complete PEO and HRO services to help  you control costs and shoulder the administrative burdens of human resources and employment management. Ensure your profits and people are in harmony – contact ContinuumHR today, and let us show you how simple human resources management can be.

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HR Solutions

HR Solutions In Tune With Your Needs

At ContinuumHR, we provide strategic, personalized human resources solutions. We ensure the members of your company are in tune and in tempo, giving you the ability to focus on your bottom line. With ContinuumHR, you’ll enjoy the benefits of human resources professionals working on your behalf, access to state-of-the-art technology and services that…

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PPP Loans…What You Need To Know

Time is money. ContinuumHR is your professional outsourcing partner, offering a fully integrated HR solution.

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