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Employee Assistance

Employee Assistance

Employees and their covered family members are allowed three sessions, per issue, per year, for an unlimited number of issues – all at no additional cost. ContinuumHR Services include:

  • Counseling Services
  • Work/Life Services
  • Online Services
  • Management and Organizational Services
  • Program Promotion and Training

Counseling Services

Face-to-face assessment, short term counseling, referral and follow-up for alcohol and drug problems, work related difficulties, marriage and family issues, and emotional and psychological problems.

Counseling offices located conveniently to your employees 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, toll-free telephone access to mental health professionals. Case management that includes coordinating referrals to resources beyond the EAP, when needed.

Work/Life Services

Childcare information and referrals for all types of childcare, camps and schools. Includes vacancy checks. Eldercare information and referrals. Includes vacancy checks.

Adoption Resources

Legal consultation provided by attorneys. Simple Wills prepared at no cost. Clients are entitled to a complete review with comments on any legal document that is up to 6 pages. Plan attorneys will make a phone call or write a letter on behalf of a client if it will resolve the legal problem. Twenty-five percent discount off attorney’s hourly rate for legal services rendered beyond the EAP is provided.

Financial consultation regarding debt matters, investment options, money management and retirement planning

Academic resources that include customized profiles of K-12 schools. Tutoring referrals for academic assistance

Pet care services that offer a custom listing of breeders, groomers, walkers, sitters, kennels, and veterinarians

Online Services

Legal/Financial online resource library that offers numerous articles on important legal and financial matters. Also included is a Legal Document Library that provides examples of commonly used legal documents.

Behavioral Health online resource library that provides practical information to help with relationships, stress, depression, job issues, parenting, addictive disorders, and wellness.
Smoking cessation programs that include comprehensive information and free resources.

Management & Organizational Services

Unlimited consultation to supervisors and managers regarding employees with job performance, attendance and conduct problems

Care management and monitoring of progress through EAP and as well as all treatment when an employee is referred by management for job/substance abuse problems
Unlimited critical incident stress debriefings conducted on-site for traumatic incidents

Program Promotion and Training

Promotional materials including EAP brochures, wallet cards, newsletters, posters, and supervisory guidebooks.

Web-Based Employee Orientation & Supervisory Training

Onsite financial seminars on money management, retirement planning and saving for college.


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